16 m3       4,7 m2           3,4 m         3,3x3,4 m   2,1x0,98 m   1,5x1,5m    5 mm        28mm        28 mm

Each real garden needs its own crown. Crown Smart is designed to fit your garden with its timber material and curved design, which enable to choose the best angle. The large windows ensure good lighting. The modern, but timeless design adds special value to your garden as well as your moments of free time. The design was inspired
by the Scandinavian nature as well as the spatial environment most suitable for people. 

  • Details come unpainted
  • 80mm laminated wood arches

  • Includes 28mm floor boards

  • Tempered window glasses

  • Powder coated stainless steal roof metal 

  • Possible to order 3 shelves (for books or items)

  • Additional seats ready

  • Easy assemble, manual included.

  • High quality door

  • Outstanding design with lots of space

Perfect fit

More light!

Window locations are subject to change upon house location in garden.